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BC Housing - 12 Sites

Vancouver, BC

BC Housing has gone beyond the recent provincial mandate, committing to achieving LEED Gold with a minimum of 6 points for EA credit 1 (optimize energy performance) and targeting carbon neutrality, not only for the housing facilities it owns and operates but also those which BC Housing has funded and that will be operated by other organizations. READ MORE

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Station Street Community

1005 Station Street, Vancouver, BC

Station Street Community at 1005 Station St. is a 41,172 sq. ft. six-storey multi-unit residential, LEED Gold Targeted building located in Vancouver's downtown eastside. The project is a partnership between the City of Vancouver and BC Housing, and will provide 80 self-contained 325 sq ft. studio apartments for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness due to physical or mental health, substance dependencies, or forensic history. READ MORE

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